Flames Pet Jersey Small

Flames Pet Jersey Small

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Small - Length: 12-14", Girth: 12-16", Neck: 6-10"
Medium - Length: 14-19", Girth: 16-19", Neck: 10-14"
Large - Length: 19-25", Girth: 19-24", Neck: 14-18"
X-Large - Length: 25-30", Girth: 26-32", Neck: 18-20"

How to choose the right size:

Using a cloth measuring tape...

1. Measure the Length
Measure your dog from base of the neck to base of the tail.
2. Measure the Girth
Measure your dog's chest at its widest point, which is usually behind the front legs.
3. Measure the Neck
For dog's with larger than normal necks, measure your dog's neck circumference as you would a collar.