Game Worn Jerseys


NOTE: For 2014/15 and 2015/16 jerseys, please click here.


Calgary Flames game worn jerseys are accompanied by a Letter of Authenticity (LOA). All jerseys feature an official Calgary Flames heat seal which is located on the inside hem of the jersey. Collectors will be required to place a 100% non-refundable deposit with a valid credit card at the time of the order. All prices are listed in Canadian dollars. No checks or money orders will be accepted. Collectors wishing to pay cash at FanAttic Saddledome may do so by appointment only. The Calgary Flames reserve the right to retain any jersey, including jerseys which have been pre-ordered. In such cases, collectors will be refunded their deposit in full. All sales are final. No refunds, exchanges or credits will be given. Discounts are not applicable on game worn jersey purchases. Game worn jerseys are not autographed.


For details on shipping options and prices, please click here. Please note that all overseas orders must be shipped Express. The Calgary Flames are not responsible for duties or taxes incurred with international shipping.


To order your jersey, please email:


2016-17 Game Worn Jerseys

Orders for all 2016-2017 Home Set 3 Game Worn Jerseys, will commence on Wednesday May 10th at 10:00 am MST and must be submitted via email to Other previous unavailable 2016-2017 jerseys (as highlighted in yellow on the list below) will also become available at this time. Emails received prior to this time or sent to other accounts will not be accepted. The email server time will be used to determine email delivery times. Requests will be logged and responded to in a first-come first-served basis. As a result we cannot guarantee the availability of jerseys. Please include the player and set (Home 1, Home 2, Away 1, Away 2, Away 3, Retro) that you would like to order. Emails without this information will not be responded to. In fairness to all other collectors, each collector is limited to two (2) jerseys of any single player. Interested collectors will be given an exclusive period of 2 business days to pay for their requested jersey, after they are contacted by FanAttic. 


Please note, Home Set 1 and  Away Set 1 are the only jerseys that are currently available for shipment. All other jerseys will be shipped after the conclusion of the 2016-2017 season. 


Click here to see the 2016-2017 Game Worn Jersey List (all prices Canadian dollars)

(Last Updated: June 26/17)



Jersey Circulation Details:

Home Set 1: Worn during Home games from Oct. 12/16 - Dec. 31/16

            - Not worn for Third/Retro jersey games

    - Monahan, Gaudreau, Bennett, Giordano, and Elliott jerseys were not worn on Oct. 20/16 vs Carolina 

            - As noted on list, some players did not receive a Set 2 jersey and will wear Set 1 for the full season  


Home Set 2: Worn during Home games from Jan. 1/17 - end of regular season

            - Not worn for Third/Retro jersey games

            - Home Set 2 will not be worn for any potential home playoff games. An additional set of jerseys will become available. 


Home Set 3: Worn during all Home playoff games in 2017


Away Set 1: Worn during Away games from Oct. 12/16 - Dec. 31/16

            - As noted on list, some players did not receive a Set 2 jersey and will wear Set 1 for the full season 


Away Set 2: Worn during all Away games from Jan. 1/17 - April 8/17


Away Set 3: Worn during all Away playoff games in 2017


Third/Retro Set: Worn during all Third jersey home games

             - For 4/02/17 vs. Ducks an alternate set of Retro jerseys was worn and given to the players, none of this set was worn during that game 



Game Worn Jersey FAQ

Will the jerseys be autographed? 

No, game worn jerseys are not autographed.


Are jerseys washed prior to being sold?

Yes. All jerseys have been washed prior to being sold. However during this process, marks, rips and other game action features remain on the jersey.  


How long does it take for a response to my request?

 Due to a very high volume of requests, we do our best to reply within one week of your request. Thank you for your patience.


Are jerseys from previous years available?

Absolutely! For our selection of available 2014-15 and 2015-16 game worn jerseys, please click here.


When will I receive my jersey?

Currently, only Home Set 1 & Away Set 1 are ready for shipment. Please allow 2 weeks for your order to be processed and shipped. Overseas orders may take longer. Other listed jerseys may be pre ordered and will be shipped once available after the conclusion of the 2016-17 season.


Can you mark my jersey as a gift to avoid paying import taxes and duties?

No. Insurance and customs regulations dictate that all items must be properly declared at the full value they are purchased for.  


Are the jerseys authenticated?

All jerseys come with a Letter of Authenticity (LOA), as well as having a official Calgary Flames heat seal in the hem of the jersey.